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I’m going on a trip of a lifetime to Silicon Valley

Today I found out that I will be part of Startup Catalyst!

This means I’ll be joining a group of talented young people who have the potential to be Australia’s next batch of globally successful tech entrepreneurs. The all expenses paid trip will include tours at some of the great tech giants – Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Australia’s very own 99 Designs and many more. We will also attend many networking events meeting fellow entrepreneurs and mentors learning more about launching a global tech startup.


The trip aims to open up our eyes to the startup culture in Silicon Valley and bring it back to Queensland. It’s been said before that Silicon Valley is very similar to Brisbane in terms of talent but we unfortunately don’t get the spotlight enough from investors (yet!). Increasing the attention on the high caliber of programmers and young entrepreneurial minds in QLD will continue to drive interest.

The recent announcement from the QLD Government is definitely a step in the right direction which will inject $24 million in the State’s startup industry.


Eat Cheat hard at work, later winning third place and crowd favourite!

A participant from last year’s trip and co-founder of Tanda, Alex Ghiculescu has brought back a lot of the atmosphere and insight he soaked up from his time in Silicon Valley and applied it to Tanda’s culture. Working alongside Alex, I have seen and heard the impact that the trip has made to his business decisions and overall career ambitions.

Our adventure begins next month on Saturday the 26th of September. I’ll be blogging all the action that happens before, during and after the Startup Catalyst trip.