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Working at a startup for 12 months and this is what I’ve learnt so far…

12 months ago I changed my career trajectory and have loved every moment of it. I was brought up that life involved going university, graduating with good marks and getting a job with a reputable company. About 40 years later you retire, buy a caravan and travel around Australia. The end. Sounds boring. Nonetheless I […]

Hackers explain what a Hackathon is all about…

There’s been a lot of talk around the upcoming Tanda Hackathon, so I thought I’d catch up with a few of last year’s hackers. If you’re wondering what a Hackathon is all about, our CTO, Alex Ghiculescu recently shared his view on the topic. In short, it’s a day for designers/developers of all skill levels […]

I’m going on a trip of a lifetime to Silicon Valley

Today I found out that I will be part of Startup Catalyst! This means I’ll be joining a group of talented young people who have the potential to be Australia’s next batch of globally successful tech entrepreneurs. The all expenses paid trip will include tours at some of the great tech giants – Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Australia’s […]