About Me - Reasons why you'll choose me over anyone else.

I am a WordPress Architect based in Brisbane, specialising in meticulously designed custom backend interfaces. It’s come to be that every man and his [talented] dog knows how to make websites with WordPress.

Photo of Nick Burge - WordPress Developer from BrisbaneBut there are so many WordPress developers who go overboard with complexity (usually with enough plugins to break the internet) and forget to think about how the client will maintain the website on their own.

But imagine a cyberspace where a website has been built with your needs in mind, really simple to edit content and add new features as your business grows – say what?! Yep! That’s exactly how I develop websites – built to be legitimately ‘user friendly’ for website visitors and clients.

I believe in coding everything right the first time; clean, manageable code for better website performance. Subsequently, customer experiences are vastly improved.

If I’m not behind a computer screen coding anything with WordPress, you’ll find me changing the world by creating one website at a time, watering my dying desk plants or indoor sky diving down on the Gold Coast.  Whatever I’m doing, it’s usually not without the fuel that’s responsible for all of the genius ideas that designers and coders claim were their own – good, single origin coffee.

I also enjoy getting involved in the local web community by attending industry leading conferences including roadshows & WordPress meetups. Recently I enlisted to be a mentor for the CoderDojo program teaching children the wonders of coding.

In the pursuit of furthering my skills, I travelled to the heart of all things tech, Silicon Valley as part of the Startup Catalyst mission. There I met with fascinating developers from Facebook, Google, Atlassian, 99 Designs, Twitter, Amazon and many more. It was a life changing experience, but only the start of my journey.

Got a WordPress or website problem? Feel free to email me and I might be able to help.